Handmade blue and green glass beads hand wrapped with  recycled sterling silver.

Handmade blue and green glass beads hand wrapped with recycled sterling silver.

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Blue and green swirled beads on sterling silver bracelet. This bracelet is made of Caribbean Sea Effetre glass and the beads are handcrafted in my studio. I handcraft each bead out of this beautiful blue green glass. Each bead is between 11-13mm. The beads are wire wrapped with 925 sterling silver and attached to a sterling silver toggle clasp. The clasp ring 12mm with a 19.5mm toggle. This bracelet is 7 3/4" long and fits nicely on my wrist which is 6.5" This bracelet should fit nicely on a 6-7" wrist. It can be made larger or smaller, at your request. When my son saw these beads, he said, "Mommy, It looks like the ocean." That was the feeling I was going for.

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These earrings and necklace were made with the same glass and and the same style of wire wrapping:


A little background about my jewelry… I handcraft each glass bead in my studio with a torch and immediately put it into a digitally controlled kiln to stabilize the glass. This process of annealing, or cooling, usually happens overnight. The colors that you see come from glass rods that are melted and wound around a mandrel in layers and encased in clear glass for added depth. Many of my beads have fine silver, 99.9% pure silver, either in the beads or on the outside of the beads. This silver is specifically made for lampworking and comes from Italy. I primarily use Effetre glass, also from Italy.

Because of the nature of monitors some colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. I do my best to make sure that what I see on my screen matches what I see in natural lighting. If you are unsure about an item or would like to see they color against a different background, please do contact me.

Materials: Glass,sterling silver,toggle clasp,wire wrapped

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